I am a London based film director and creative.

I can write it, shoot it and direct it. 

I've written ad campaigns, short films, TVC’s and a few thank you letters. I’ve directed all over the world, from the freezing temperatures of Svalbard in the Arctic to the searing heat of Zambia, Africa. 

I have a strong love affair for cinema which can be seen reflected in my visual style and my approach to story telling. Having a background in shooting and editing also means I am able to craft emotionally engaging narratives with a strong technical know-how whilst always remembering the client in which I serve.

I spent the early part of my career hanging out of car windows and off motorbikes shooting documentaries on the Tour de France so I’m pretty robust and used to rubbish weather. Now you'll find me working in London making award winning branded content, music videos and commercials. 

If I'm not doing that, then I'm probably out riding my bike. 

I love what I do.